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New iPhone 14 case leak supports rumor of ‘Plus’ model


This lineup of purported iPhone 14 cases shows a
This lineup of purported iPhone 14 cases shows a "Plus" non-Pro model.
Photo: DuanRui@Twitter

A photograph said to show leaked iPhone 14 cases supports the widespread idea that the series will feature four models and bigger camera bumps. And it appears to show a case for a large, non-Pro handset that may be called “iPhone 14 Plus.”

If this holds up at launch in a couple of months, the two smaller models will be iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro and the two bigger models will be iPhone 14 Plus (or Max) and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Apple might reserve its fastest chips for iPhone Pro


Why the iPhone 14 looks like the iPhone 12
Pro iPhones could get a speed advantage over non-Pro models.
Concept render: souta

Going forward, Apple might make its latest and greatest A-series chips exclusive to high-end iPhone models, according to a reputable analyst.

Apple previously did not differentiate between Pro and “regular” iPhones when it came to processors. But that could change with this year’s iPhone 14 lineup.

iPhone 14 Pro’s A16 chip might not beat A15 by much


iPhone 14 might have to settle for less advanced 4nm chip
The A16 is expected to be the heart of the iPhone 14 Pro models.
Graphic: Apple/Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The A16 processor going in this fall’s iPhone 14 Pro models will be made with a 5nm process, according to a tipster. That’s the same process used for years, not a better one, and it means the upcoming iPhones won’t get as big a speed boost as expected.

Still, the A16 is rumored to get improved processor cores and other enhancements.

iPhone 14 Max could be hard to get your hands on at launch


iPhone 14 Pro concept in white
You could have to wait longer to get your on the iPhone 14 Max
Concept: Jon Prosser/Ian Zelbo

Haitong International Securities analyst Jeffy Pu has provided more insight into the iPhone 14’s production delay and revealed that the production of the 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max has been the worse affected by the lockdown in China.

A supply chain report from earlier in the week claimed that iPhone 14’s production was running behind schedule.

New renders show iPhone 14 Pro in all its purported purple glory


New renders show iPhone 14 in all its purported purple glory
Here's the iPhone 14 Pro based on the best information available.
Concept: Jon Prosser/Ian Zelbo

You don’t have to wait months for Apple to finally show off the iPhone 14: A collection of renders based on the most reliable leaks gives the best look yet at the upcoming device. That includes the replacement for the screen notch, the expected changes to the camera hump and more.

As a bonus, the renders show the upcoming handset in purple, which supposedly will be an option.

iPhone 14 Pro models could feature an always-on display


iPhone 14 Pro models may get an always-on display, finally.
iPhone 14 Pro models may get an always-on display, finally.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 Pro models could feature always-on displays because of the handsets’ ProMotion technology, which allows for variable refresh rates, a well-known analyst said Tuesday.

Essentially, an inactive iPhone 14 Pro handset may be able to drop all the down to a 1Hz refresh rate, similar to recent Apple Watch models.

Evidence grows for enhanced selfie cam in iPhone 14


Evidence grows for enhanced selfie cam in iPhone 14
Narcissists rejoice! iPhone 14 might help you take better selfies.
Concept: the Hacket 34

Add an autofocus front camera to the list of improvements expected for the iPhone 14 when it debuts this autumn. This supposedly tripled Apple’s cost for the component.

If the unconfirmed report is true, the upcoming model will be the first iPhone with an auto-focus selfie camera.

Leaked iPhone 14 front panels offer best size comparison yet


Every iPhone 14 model will have a ProMotion display and 6GB of RAM
This is not the new iPhone 14 picture. Keep scrolling.
Image: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

An image supposedly showing the front screen panels of all four iPhone 14 models has leaked out. It gives a side-by-side comparison of some of the most significant changes coming this fall to Apple’s 2022 handsets.

The new “hole and pill” design for the Pro models is clearly on display, as is the first iPhone Max that isn’t part of the Pro series.