Apple Arcade collection of classic games adds something for everyone

Apple Arcade collection of classic games adds something for everyone


Visit alien worlds in 'Samorost 3+'
The "wonderfully weird" Samorost 3+ is the latest App Store Great to join Apple Arcade.
Screenshot: Amanita Design

Apple Arcade offers many original games, but the collection also includes quite a few App Store Greats: classic titles that have joined Apple’s gaming service. Recent additions include Samorost 3+, My Bowling 3D+, Jigsaw Puzzle+ and Pro Darts 2022+.

They join dozen of other classic games that players used to have to pay to play individually but are now all available with a single Apple Arcade subscription.

Many classic games are part of Apple Arcade

To beef up the number of games in its subscription service, Apple adds previously released titles and calls these App Store Greats. A “+” is added to the name, and the purchase price is $0.

Another difference between the new and the original version is that any in-app purchases have been stripped out. Apple Arcade doesn’t allow them. The same goes for ads, loot boxes and invasive player tracking.

Visit alien worlds in Samorost 3+

Players take a space gnome for a walk in Samorost 3+. They’ll visit nine alien worlds and use a magic flute to solve brain teasing challenges. The original version of the game won an App Store Editor’s Choice award, which called it “baffling and wonderfully weird.”

Samorost 3+ from Amanita Design just debuted Friday in Apple Arcade. There are versions for iPhone, Mac and iPad. The original version costs $5.99, but the new one is included with Apple’s gaming service.

This same company also created Creaks and Pilgrims just for the service.

Knock some pins around in My Bowling 3D+

Knock some pins around in 'My Bowling 3D+'
You don’t have to wear someone else’s shoes to play My Bowling 3D+.
Screenshot: iWare Design

iWare Design’s My Bowling 3D+ promises “fully textured game environments and full 3D rigid body physics.”

It has an easy drag-and-swipe interface for beginners, but more advanced players have controls to position the ball and shape their shots.

My Bowling 3D+ is now in Apple Arcade. It is playable on iPhone, Mac or iPad.

Put the pieces together in Jigsaw Puzzle+

Put the pieces together in 'Jigsaw Puzzle+'
Take your puzzle anywhere in Jigsaw Puzzle+.
Screenshot: MobilityWare

Jigsaw Puzzle by MobilityWare+ offers over 25,000 puzzles with characters from Disney, Hasbro and many more.

It’s like assembling a regular puzzle, except players can take theses puzzles with them anywhere they go.

Jigsaw Puzzle by MobilityWare+ debuted in Apple Arcade on June 10. There are versions for iPad and iPhone.

Hit the bullseye in Pro Darts 2022+

Hit the bullseye in 'Pro Darts 2022+'
Unlike a regular game of darts, beer drinking is optional.
Screenshot: iWare Design

Pro Darts 2022+ is for casual and serious players. There’s a basic “swipe to throw” interface, but this is augmented with an adjustable “player assist” system for more advanced play.

It offers fully textured 3D game environments and specialist custom boards for standard and more obscure game types.

Pro Darts 2022+ from iWare Design hit Apple Arcade on May 27. It’s playable on iPhone, Mac or iPad.

And many, many more

These are only the App Store Greats added in recent weeks. Apple Arcade has been building its collection for almost three years now. That includes Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City and Angry Birds Reloaded. There’s also Bridge Constructor+, Monument Valley 2+Galaga Wars+, and many more.

And don’t forget the original games created for Apple Arcade. That includes Oceanhorn: Chronos DungeonWarped Kart Racers, and over 100 more.