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Swiss Army knife of household cleaning can tackle all your messes


Show dirt, fur, and stains who's boss with this 5-in-1 vacuum mop.
Grab this 5-in-1 vacuum spin mop for nearly $150 off and never look back.
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Who has the closet space for a vacuum, a mop, a duster and all the cleaning supplies that they require? Even if you do, you might be able to use that space more efficiently by consolidating a few of those cleaning implements.

The Elicto ES-800 5-in-1 Vacuum Spin Mop is your do-it-once cleaner that picks up fur as easily as it wipes away spills on your floor. During our Deal Days Sale, the Elicto ES-800 is on sale for $219.99 (regularly $349), a price you definitely won’t find on Amazon.

An all-purpose cleaning tool that’s totally cordless

It’s your cleaning day, and you want to get through the living room, the kitchen and the stairs. Typically, you’d need a whole host of materials, but the Elicto does it all in one — and does it well the first time.

With this cordless tool in hand, you can seamlessly move from carpet to tile to cramped spaces with a single device that wears many hats. It allows for wet and dry cleaning of any space. Plus, it comes with a dual-spin mop attachment that can wipe up stains or dust.

For those hard-to-reach corners in the stairs, you can either switch out the nozzle attachment or use the compact handheld mode. It can even clean your mattress. (Which you should be doing twice a year, BTW.)

This versatile vacuum can handle the most stubborn messes from pets, as one reviewer found. “I have hardwood, tile and vinyl floors that get completely goobered up from my Two huge Newfoundland dogs,” they wrote. “Their drool is like glue — tough to get up without scrubbing. However the Elicto – with either the buffer pads or scrubber pads made short work of their messes.”

With this powerful cleaner in your arsenal, you finally might see what color your pet’s bed is beneath all that fur.

Cleaning the Elicto is as easy as cleaning with it. The dustbin comes with a hands-free release. And you can wash it in the sink (after emptying its contents, of course). Even the mop pads and filter can be thrown in the wash and used again. Once you’re done, just put it back on the charger so it’s ready for you next time.

Save on the Elicto ES-800

Clean your home without losing space to the tools you need to tackle the job. With this exclusive Deal Days discount, you can get the Elicto ES-800 5-in-1 Vacuum Spin Mop on sale for $219.99 (regularly $349) — no coupon code needed.

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