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New iPhone 14 case leak supports rumor of ‘Plus’ model


This lineup of purported iPhone 14 cases shows a
This lineup of purported iPhone 14 cases shows a "Plus" non-Pro model.
Photo: DuanRui@Twitter

A photograph said to show leaked iPhone 14 cases supports the widespread idea that the series will feature four models and bigger camera bumps. And it appears to show a case for a large, non-Pro handset that may be called “iPhone 14 Plus.”

If this holds up at launch in a couple of months, the two smaller models will be iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro and the two bigger models will be iPhone 14 Plus (or Max) and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

New iPhone 14 case leak backs up rumor of a ‘Plus’ non-Pro model

The tweeted photograph is said to show leaked iPhone 14 cases, backing up the rumors that the series will have four models.

Less clear to date — not the subject of rumors — is the idea that one of the two larger handsets will be a non-Pro model called iPhone 14 Plus. But it appears in the photo as such. However, there is no claim of an official name.

Whether it will be officially named “Plus,” “Max” or something else isn’t yet known.

So far, the upcoming iPhone 14 series has been subject to leaks claiming to be design diagrams, moldsmock-ups and one that seemed to show display panels. And of course there have been renders.

Now a user called DuanRui on Chinese social media site Weibo has shown what they called a series of iPhone 14 cases from accessory manufacturers. They later tweeted it (see below).

DuanRui became widely known for sending out photos of leaked packaging prior to iPhone 13’s launch.

Large camera bump

The cases’ camera bumps look quite a lot like those of the iPhone 13 lineup, though bigger. But DuanRui suggested on Weibo the distance between the lenses is slightly larger. There are, of course, predictions of significant camera upgrades.

Given that, it’s possible iPhone 13 cases won’t fit the new iPhone 14 handsets.

Other indications

In June iPhone 14 dummy units showed a design similar to that of the iPhone 13 series.

Naturally, the back of the iPhone 14 is expected to look pretty much the same. But widely circulated rumors say Apple will ditch the notch on the screen. The lineup may feature a hole punch and pill-shaped cutout instead.

And the leaked image also supports the belief that Apple put the iPhone mini to rest with the 13 series.