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Today in Apple history: App Store opens its virtual doors


App Store
What was the first app you ever downloaded?
Photo: Graham Bower/Cult of Mac

July 10: Today in Apple history: Apple launches the iPhone App Store July 10, 2008: Apple launches the App Store, an online hub that lets iPhone owners browse and download apps made by third-party developers.

Transforming the iPhone from a locked-down platform to a generative one, the App Store means that every iPhone user can have his or her own “killer app” depending on the software they want — from social networking to composing music to playing games.

One of the most significant launches in Apple history, the App Store opens up a whole new revenue stream for Cupertino. It’s hard to believe that Steve Jobs was originally dead-set against it!

Developers get their mitts on iOS 12 beta 6


iOS 12
Developers, and others testing iOS 12 beta versions, already get to take advantage of the faster performance promised at WWDC.
Photo: Apple

Apple is moving along through the beta phase of releasing iOS 12. The first version was released back in June, and today sees the debut of iOS 12 beta 6.

With the release just happening, we don’t yet know if it has any surprises. Beta 5 eventually revealed quite a bit about Apple’s plans.